Goldgenie: Electroplating

GoldgenieAfter his triumphant appearance on BBC Two’s Dragons Den in 2007, Laban Roomes Goldgenie has become world-renowned, and is now the go-to choice for luxury customisation. Roomes’ unique take on lavish, yet sophisticated electroplating has risen in popularity to the extent that it now operates from twenty different countries worldwide. As well as purchasing 100% of his shares back from investor James Caan, the Goldgenie founder managed to return the Dragon’s financial venture tenfold, whilst at the same time providing him with the similar positive attention he himself received.

As well as providing Goldgenie customers with an exquisite array of products ranging from iPhones and iPads to HTC smartphones, the company also offers a superb global franchising opportunity. Coming a long way from the door-to-door gold plating service Goldgenie began as, Roomes now caters for other driven entrepreneurs and businesses, giving them the chance to control, direct and manage the brand from their country or region. The company is already popular amongst A-list celebrities and professionals, so the opportunity provides those involved with an excellent chance for substantial profit making.

Depending on the country, investment in Goldgenie can start from as little as £19,995 with an appealing commission and discount structure. As well supporting the introduction and supplying the guidance required for being part of the Goldgenie organisation, the International Master Franchise scheme gives all the practical equipment needed to begin plating to the high standard set by Laban Roomes. Additionally, clients will obtain control of an award winning Goldgenie e-commerce website, and the possibility to sub-franchise in their own country. The company has over eighteen years of experience operating globally, and it is difficult to see its popularity dropping, as quality 24ct gold, rose gold and platinum will always be in worldwide demand for their timeless appeal.

The popularity of Goldgenie products in the areas of Saudi Arabia, UAE, India and Russia is extremely high. The business aims for these countries and continents to acquire a similar enthusiasm towards investment to that of the consumer side. If Goldgenie could entice the elite businesspeople that buy their products to join the franchise, the company could continue to grow and at the same time aid others in progressing in the world of business.

Goldgenie also ensures investors that its gold mining is ethical. Roomes, an active philanthropist and has supported Ghanaian miners in a project, making sure that they received adequate training and are well equipped. He also sponsors communities and positively influences children, aiming to make sure that they finish school and go on to become the future of professionals and entrepreneurial minded individuals.